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Takeover Tournament

Upcoming tournament!

We are proud to announce next tournament!

Code your own bot, defeat others and win this tournament! It's easy. Just sign in, start your IDE with our starter pack and you are ready to go!


  • Testing rounds Friday 18.11.2016 - Sunday 27.11.2016
  • Competition rounds Sunday 27.11.2016 evening


  • Fully online event
  • Micro-managment AI tournament
  • Anyone can join

More info coming soon, you can follow us on twitter :)

Dates & times

We start Friday 18th of November 2016 at 20:00 CET with the testing rounds. Basically, for days after that, you will be able to see how your bot is competing against others and improve it. This rounds will last until 27th of November at 12:00 CET.

Next Sunday, 27th of November at 16:00 CET will begin the competition phase for the real winner of the whole tournament.


There will be single map for the whole tournament, available at this webpage for entire during of the tournament. There will always be two players in one match with mirrored army compositions and positions.

  • Player who defeats all the units of other player wins or,
  • player who does not defet all units of other player but lasts until the end of the match with significant score overhead wins or,
  • match is called a draw.

End of the match is either when some player wins or time runs out.

Reasons for disqualification:

  • Invoking any input/output operations from the program other than standard communication with the BWAPI/BWMirror interface,
  • creating more threads than necessary for the required computations for AI,
  • uploading any malicious software as bot, even if doesn't lead to any damage,
  • any action that will threaten smooth course of the tournament.



  • In case of win the winner obtains 3 points, looser 0 points.
  • In case of partial win the winner obtains 1 points, looser -1 points.
  • In case of draw, both players will obtain -1 points.


Icon Name
Win under 1 minute
Awarded to a player which manages to win a match under 1 minute of total duration.
Win under 3 minutes
Awarded to a player which manages to win a match under 3 minutes of total duration.
Defeat under 1 minute
Player which is defeated under 1 minute gets this.
2 times efficient
Player which is 2 times more efficient as the other player is awarded this.
Slightly efficient
Player which is slightly more efficient as the other player is awarded this.